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To receive the SmartVP, your home or office must meet certain technical requirements. This application determines if you meet these requirements. All installations are subject to equipment and technician availability.

What is SmartVP?

SmartVP is Purple’s latest innovation in video relay service (VRS) technology. SmartVP is an easy-to-use, deaf-friendly videophone that enhances communication between the deaf and hard-of hearing community with hearing family, friends and professionals. The skilled American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters at Purple help create a stress-free communication experience for everyone on the call.

SmartVP vs. Your Old VP

Video Quality
  • True HD - 720p
  • "Sorenson HD" (not true HD)
Contact List
  • One Contact List and you can update it directly from SmartVP, P3 Mobile, New P3 or the website
  • Enter a new number once and it shows up on all devices
  • Different contact list for each Sorenson number
  • Have to update each device to add a new number
Remote Control
  • Radio frequency remote - use it from anywhere in the room without needing to directly point at SmartVP
  • Infrared remote - must point it at VP
  • Purple-made videos, several YouTube channels and Deaf-movie library
  • Only Sorenson-made videos
  • Yellow Pages®, Captionfish, weather
  • None
Phone Directory
  • Yellow Pages - look up number while on a call
  • Easily save contact information and connect with one click
  • None
Captioned Movie Search
  • Captionfish - look up captioned movies while on a call
  • None

What SmartVP users say

  • SmartVP

    I have signed up with my Purple number with Weather Alert Services and good enough my SmartVP rang went off with a powerful flasher that woke me up from living room to my bedroom at 3am in the morning! There were a tornado warning in that area and I am very thankful for SmartVP! My wish list for SmartVP would be wake up call timer feature.

    68 years old, TN

  • SmartVP

    I got my SmartVP two weeks ago�Love that VP! Just one number for all devices! When someone calls me, I have choices which device to answer � SmartVP, smartphone laptop, or computer!!!

    William R., Facebook

  • SmartVP

    Hey everyone, I�ve had my SmartVP for a while. WOW!! Every week it gets better and better. The staff at Purple is wonderful and for first time, I am having fun with my videophone! Sam who is a manager at Purple is right, once I got my SmartVP, it made me forget I even had SVRS.

    Virginia S., Facebook

  • SmartVP

    Loving my new SMART VP!

    Kyle B., Twitter

  • SmartVP

    I got my SmartVP a few days ago and am very impressed with it in many ways. �Kudos to Purple Communications!!! Many thanks for making my videophone calls much easier�there are many awesome and amazing features on SmartVP.

    Don R., Facebook

  • SmartVP

    What�s cool about Purple is that you can use your computer to add your friends to your contact book, then the contact book will show on all other devices, like your smartphone, laptop, computer, iPad, SmartVP.

    William R., Facebook

  • SmartVP

    I have a SmartVP with Purple, and so far, I am loving it!

    Sagenab K., Facebook